God of the Impossible • Rev. Stefano Fehr & Dr. Samuel Naaman

Stories of Hope from the Muslim World

May 2021 • Paperback • 978-0-8024-2108-1

Discover how all things are possible with God!

Sharing the gospel with those from different cultures and belief systems can sometimes seem futile, especially when it comes to reaching Muslims. The gap between Christianity and Islam is vast, and bridging cross-cultural values can seem impossible.

In God of the Impossible: Stories of Hope from the Muslim World, you’ll be stirred by amazing testimonies of people from a Muslim background coming to personal faith in Jesus Christ. Through years of work with Call of Hope—a ministry that reaches Muslim communities—Rev. Stefano Fehr and Dr. Samuel Naaman have witnessed countless episodes of God’s saving grace flourishing in the midst of adversity. In these riveting stories, you’ll be equipped with practical ways to reach Muslims and others in your own community, and be encouraged in your faith by witnessing the power and promise of the gospel.


Stefano Fehr is president of Call of Hope US. For over a century, Call of Hope has been making the Gospel accessible to Muslims through creative media, relational evangelism, discipleship, humanitarian aid, and church planting initiatives. Stefano’s twenty years of ministry among Muslims have taken him to both urban and rural areas throughout the Middle East, Africa, India, and South East Asia. He is a sought after speaker on topics such as: Contextualization of the Gospel to Islam, the Quran is not the Word of God, Jesus in Islam, and Evangelization of Muslims. He earned his Master of Divinity degree from the internationally renowned Freie Theologische Academy in Giessen, Germany. He resides in Germany with his wife and their two children.

Samuel Naaman (BSW, University of Sind; M.Div., Asian Center for Theological Studies and Missions; Th.M., Chongshin University; D.Miss. from Asbury Theological Seminary) is Professor of Intercultural Studies at Moody Bible Institute. He is also president of the South Asian Friendship Center. He has an international ministry profile and relationships across the world. He lives with his wife and two sons in the Chicago suburbs.


In this book, you will find the true stories of Muslims from three continents whom Jesus turned into salt and light for their countries. These are joyful, encouraging stories – “good news” that demonstrate the power of our Lord and His Word. We, the authors, have had the privilege to travel extensively and visit many of these brothers and sisters in their home countries through our ministry, Call of Hope.

I, Stefano Fehr, have been involved in mission work among Muslims for over twenty years and am part of the leadership of Call of Hope. Call of Hope was founded in 1904, and its specific purpose is to spread the love of God and the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ to Muslims. My dad was the general director of Call of Hope for twenty-five years, which allowed me to grow up in a mission home and get to know many Muslim-background believers who risked their lives to tell Muslims about Jesus. We shared meals together, and they were part of our life as a family. These people of God impressed me a lot. It as always my heart’s desire to serve alongside them and to be able to be part of their wonderful ministry. After my theological studies, the Lord led me and my wife back to Call of Hope. We felt that this was His calling to ministry, for which we are very thankful for. Our approach is not to send missionaries from the West, but instead work together with locals who are missionaries in their own countries. We support them through prayer, theological training, and necessary funds. Most of our ministry workers are former Muslims themselves; you will read some of their stories in this book. Over the years, I have had the incredible joy of witnessing thousands of Muslims find peace, forgiveness, and true liberty through the encounter of God’s love in Jesus Christ.

I, Samuel Naaman, am a second-generation believer from a Muslim background. My father used to be an extremist Muslim. He grew up in Kashmir, which is today part of northern India. After the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, my father joined the underground Muslim resistance in Kashmir against Indian rule. The fearless testimony of a young Christian girl, whom he and his fellow fighters threatened to kill, placed my father on a search for the true God. He found Christ and was baptized. Shortly after, he had to run from his own relatives who tried to kill him. He followed God’s call to become an evangelist to his fellow Muslim countrymen.

Often, our family was threatened by Muslim extremists. These were the difficult circumstances under which I grew up. The worst happened on July 2, 1990, when my younger brother Obed was killed by Muslim extremists. Yet, all these difficulties have served to strengthen my personal conviction that I decided to dedicate my life to: All Muslims need to hear about the love of God in and through Jesus Christ!

Over the years working with Call of Hope, both of us have been touched by the profound love these Muslim-background believers have for their own people and the Lord. Despite ongoing persecution and hatred, they desire to reach their people with the love of Christ.


This book is full of the most compelling stories of the miracles of salvation from arguably the most difficult, resistant, and often hostile mission field – the Muslim world. It will challenge you to prayer, bolster your faith to believe the God of the impossible, and move you to surrender to God, in order for Him to use you too, one way or the other, to do greater exploits for the evangelization of the Muslim world, or any other places resistant or hostile to the gospel.
– Stephen Baba Panya
President, Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA)

God of the Impossible is a perspective-restoring reminder that God stops at nothing “to seek and to save the lost.” Your eyes will be opened to the sobering realities of Islam, the magnificent power of the gospel, and the relentless love of God as He pursues His treasured creation.
– Steve Richardson
President, Pioneers USA

This book is a must-read – it can serve as a great gift to those who are engaged in Muslim ministries to encourage and equip them even more. The stories in this book serve as a testimony that God is on the move.
– Elijah Al Fadi
President, CIRA International