Help Her Be Brave • Amy Ford

Discover Your Place in the Pro-Life Movement

January, 2021 • Paperback • 978-0-8024-2311-5

What if we lived in a world where every woman with an unplanned pregnancy always felt empowered to choose life for her unborn baby? To create that kind of change, it will take all of us. As the church, we can play a powerful role in making abortion unthinkable. With Help Her Be Brave, you can discover your part in saving lives and find your pro-life passion.

This includes how to:
• Learn practical ways to get involved using your unique gifts and talents
• Find women with unexpected pregnancies and connect them to support
• Use your influence and be a voice for the voiceless
• Make your church a refuge for abortion vulnerable women

If abortion became illegal today, the church isn’t ready to help women practically, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s time to change that. We can’t look away any longer. This is our moment for us to stand up and help her be brave.


Amy Ford is the President of Embrace Grace, Inc., a nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of providing curriculum and leadership support for churches nationwide to open their arms to young women with unplanned pregnancies. Embrace Grace is utilized by over 700 churches across the nation and world. She is also the co-host of the Help Her Be Brave podcast show which can be viewed at Amy resides in Arlington, Texas, has been married for 21 years, and has four beautiful children.

Amy Ford truly lives out the gospel through her love and compassionate care of women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Help Her Be Brave is so inspiring and a great guide on how we can support, encourage, and empower new mothers. 

– Patricia Heaton
Emmy Award winning actress


People are the church. The church isn’t a building. We are the church wherever we go, and we represent Jesus wherever we are. The church can play a powerful role in saving lives. It can help prevent unplanned pregnancies by affirming identity and the value of individuals as daughters and sons of a King and by talking about hard topics like sex and abstinence. The church can be one of the first places a girl runs to when she finds out she has an unplanned pregnancy. It should never be the place she avoids because of shame and guilt. The church can help her be brave and choose life. The church can reach out and invite these women and men into a spiritual family. The church can help heal past hurts and wounds because free people free people. The church can help practically by giving single or struggling moms support so they don’t just survive, they thrive.

Most Christians say they want to live that way. But I believe the same Christians who have taken a stance for the sanctity of life don’t realize that if abortion became illegal today, the church wouldn’t be ready.

What would we do if there were women who were pregnant and scared, even angry, that they must carry an unplanned baby to term? It wouldn’t be right for us to look away and say, “Good luck!” 
We would have to be available to assist spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

It’s time to get the church ready. We can’t ignore these mommas anymore.

We can’t ignore the statistics, either:
• 40% of all births are to unmarried women
• 18% of all U.S. pregnancies ended in abortion in 2017
• 85.2% of all abortions in 2013 were with unmarried women
• 4 in 10 women who have had abortions were attending church regularly at the time of their abortion decision
• Approximately 11 million children under the age of 18 are raised by single parents

I was almost one of those statistics. Yes, I almost chose abortion because I was terrified to tell my parents. But fear or telling her loved ones is not the only reason a woman considers terminating a pregnancy.

According to Guttmacher, the top reasons why women choose abortion are
• Having a child would interfere with a woman’s education, work, or ability to care for dependents
• The woman/family can’t afford a baby right now
• Single motherhood or relationship problems

Whatever the reasons a woman might seek an abortion, all of them are rooted in fear. My friend Destiny, who had an unplanned pregnancy as a teen, said it best, “See, you don’t realize how temporary the ‘crisis’ is when it’s consuming your every waking moment, but as soon as you get beyond that…Such beauty can be born from that which we never planned. Fear is temporary, but the courage you gain facing it lasts forever. Panic subsides, but the strength you find in the midst of the crisis endures. Perhaps the most amazing thing, though, is how the love you feel for this new life, whether it was intended or not, suddenly turns a ‘mistake’ into a miracle. I didn’t save my son by ‘choosing life.’ He saved me.”

Young women like Destiny should not have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone. Together, we can eliminate her fears and help her be brave.


Amy and Embrace Grace have landed on a model that loves women and their babies in their most intense moments of need. Amy’s example of compassion toward these most vulnerable individuals is an inspiration for our movement as we strive to always love them both. 

– Lila Rose
Founder and President of Live Action; Host of The Lila Rose Show podcast

Abortion is a topic of frequent discussion on Joni Table Talk, and as I think of the beauty of those children with Jesus, I also feel the hurt of the many women who have made that choice. In Help Her Be Brave, Amy Ford not only reveals her own trauma but provides practical steps to reach out to abortion-vulnerable women. A must-read, especially for church leaders.

– Joni Lamb
Cofounder, Daystar Television Network

Amy is brave in her conviction that we can all help moms to be brave enough to say yes to God in their pregnancy. Amy unpacks simple yet profound ways all of us can help make the difference between life and death, the temporary and eternity. She walks what she talks and shows us all how we can too. 

– Jor-El Godsey
Heartbeat International