Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung – 250,000 Copies Sold!

“This is a book about God’s will—God’s will for confused teenagers, burned-out parents, retired grandparents, and, yes, tinkering millennials . . . or whatever we’re called.” This is how Kevin DeYoung begins his 2014 book, Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will. DeYoung audaciously believes that, contrary to popular belief, God’s will is actually simple and knowable: Seek first the kingdom of God. Figuring out God’s will isn’t a game that requires jumping through hoops or laying out fleeces. Instead, it has been clearly given to us in Scripture.

Today, more than 250,000 copies of Just Do Something have been sold, encouraging Christians in all stages of life to set aside the waiting games and to find God’s will for them in Scripture. More than 570 Amazon reviewers have given Just Do Something a 5-star rating, and one reviewer wrote this: “I finally feel unstuck, like I can move forward without second-guessing whether all of my decisions are God’s will.” Filled with DeYoung’s signature dry wit and humor and only 120 pages, Just Do Something continues to serve as a primer for Christians who want to make wise decisions.