Kitchen Table Devotions • Sergey Sologub

Worshiping God from A-Z as a Family

January 2021 • Paperback • 978-0-8024-2036-7

Experience the joy of worshipping God as a family.

Discover how your home can become a house of worship with Kitchen Table Devotions: Worshipping God from A-Z as a Family. This 26-day devotional is a thoughtful but simple way for parents to creatively teach their children about the characteristics of the Lord. These devotions follow the letters of the alphabet so children of all ages can engage with the story, Scripture, and prayer of each devotion. Parents will feel empowered and equipped to lead their families in worship and learn practical guidance for how to make this special time part of your family’s consistent rhythm of life.

So gather around the kitchen table, settle into the living room, or make space wherever your family enjoys being together, and delight in the beauty of worshipping the Lord together.


Sergey Sologub is pastor of Irpin Bible Church in Kiev reg., Ukraine. He graduated from the the Institute of Preparing of Church Ministers (CLZ) in Irpin, Ukraine, and is completing his studies at Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary in Lviv, Ukraine. Prior to becoming a pastor he served for seven years with Youth for Christ. He and his wife, Tatiana, have three children. He considers acknowledging God and leading others to know Him to be his life calling.

I know Sergey as an exuberant, energetic Christian in the troubled country of Ukraine. He understands that accomplishing our mission to change society, and indeed the world, must begin at home. Family devotions used to be a hallmark of faithful families. I hope this winsome and oh-so-practical book helps to revive the practice.

– Philip Yancey
Author of numerous books, including The Bible Jesus Read


In the summer of 2016, we had an incredible opportunity to spend time at the seacoast of the eastern European country of Georgia with friends. It wasn’t too difficult for two families to bring some order into our shared vacation time. All of us decided that we would not only sunbathe and go swimming in the Black Sea; we decided that one hour after lunch would be spent in Bible discussions and joint prayer. In our schedule, we called this time “family worship.”

“My friends, I believe that God has prepared something very special for us during our vacation,” I began. “We will not only rest after lunch, but have an interesting family worship session each day at that time. What do you think?”

The other adults and the children nodded.

“Together we’ll learn new things about God, and to help us with that, we will use the alphabet. Today is our first day, and it means that we will start with the letter A. Who can think of a characteristic of God that starts with A?”

Of course, I wasn’t expecting every hand to fly up; I myself don’t know many characteristics that start with the letter A, though by using this question, I was trying to lead our discussion in a certain direction. But after quite a tiring workout in the seawater followed by a large lunch, all one could focus on was a refreshing nap.

“Author,” said one of the adults.

“Thank you! Yes, indeed God is the Author of everything! And what other words starting with the letter A can we call God?”

“Alone,” suggested our five-year-old son.

“If you wanted to say that God is the only God, you’re definitely right! God alone is God, and there is no other but Him,” we agreed.

The adults smiled. Then there was a small pause, for it wasn’t very easy to come up with more descriptions of God starting with an A. So I continued, but now with a different question.

“Can you guess how children say the word dad here in the country of Georgia?”

My daughter had the answer. “Here they say the word for mama when they call their dad! Aunt Zhuzhuna told me that!”

“Yes,” I agreed. “Dad is actually pronounced like mama. But do you know how they say dad not far from Georgia—in Turkey, for example? Does anyone know?”

It was obvious that everyone would gladly answer if they knew and that everyone was eager to find out.

“Here’s how: when they say dad, it is pronounced baba!”

Everybody laughed. It was time to hit the target.

“But do you know what Jesus called His Father? Or how this word sounds in His language? He called His Father Abba. This is how the word father sounds in the ancient Aramaic language! So, Abba is the characteristic of God that starts with the letter A that we will be talking about today.”

And then I read out loud a passage from Romans:

“For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry ‘Abba! Father!’” (Rom. 8:15)

We focused on the fact that we can address the Almighty Lord God with the words Father and even the more intimate name Dad. Then I told them a story about a president’s son. Then we ended our family worship time with a prayer of thanksgiving that purposefully started with the words, “Our dear heavenly Father…”

The next day we listed several characteristics of God that started with the letter B and had a detailed study of one of them: “Beautiful” Lord. This time our children were more active. After a few days, we noticed that even during breakfast the kids were already reminding one another what letter we would discuss that day, and trying to think of qualities of God that started with that letter. The phenomenon, which is known as the formation of “personal theology,” i.e., the inner understanding of God, began to take place. And this was happening, mind you, not behind the seminary walls, but at the dining table! Day after day we took one of God’s characteristics that started with the letter of the day and studied it together. While our skin was developing a nice suntan, our hearts were growing a majestic new understanding of God. During the next weeks of our vacation, we covered the whole alphabet.

We had a clear plan, and it helped us to move forward in our knowledge of God. This is possible for your family as well.


Is it the desire of your heart to see your children and grandchildren follow Jesus? Your home is the number one place of spiritual influence. But you need a plan! This book is packed with creative ways to help your entire family pray and experience God’s Word together. I believe this practice of “family worship” will transform your family, for generations to come.

– Rob Rienow
Visionary Family Ministries,

As a father, I remember gathering in the morning with five children of various ages, trying to do family worship in a way that would engage each of them and lay a strong foundation for their own faith and walk with God. Sergey has done just that! By focusing on the alphabet and the attributes of God, he’s given us a plan that meets the criteria of keeping it short, making it creative, and focusing on what matters. May God use this tool to stir up young hearts for the glory of God!

– Brad Bigney
Pastor, counselor, and author of Gospel Treason

To be a Christian parent is a special privilege, one that has an important mission, a command from the Lord – to raise children “in the discipline and instruction from the Lord” (Eph. 6:4). You cannot do this without family worship time when the whole family meets around the Word of God and prayer. But how to do it better? How to organize these meetings? What to do during these meetings? This book by Sergey Sologub, Kitchen Table Devotions, answers these and many other questions. We already used this book in our family and found it to be useful and practical!

– Evgeniy Bakhmutskiy
Pastor-teacher, Russian Bible Church (Moscow, Russia)