Publishers Weekly Reviews Virtual Reality Church and Candor

Publishers Weekly shared positive reviews of Moody Publishers upcoming releases Candor: The Secret to Succeeding at Tough Conversations (April 2021) and Virtual Reality Church (March 2021). Written by theology professors Jonathan Armstrong and Darrell L. Bock, Virtual Reality Church addresses the challenges and benefits that new technologies present to local congregations. Publishers Weekly wrote, “Examining how evangelical Christians have used other emerging technology, such as newspapers during the First Great Awakening and 20th-century expansions into radio, television, and film, the authors conclude that virtual environments can facilitate Christian worship and community-building, but will complement, not supersede, in-person meetings.” The review concludes that “Bock and Armstrong’s measured analysis will be a timely aid to congregations deciding what online activities should be retained when the Covid-19 pandemic recedes.”

Candor is written by Army Chaplain Charles Causey, who shares his 12 tactics for improving communication in leadership and relationships by speaking the truth in love. Publishers Weekly says, “While business leaders and those who routinely find themselves at the negotiating table will find Causey’s tips most applicable, the fundamentals covered here will aid anyone looking to improve their communication skills.”