Relevant Magazine Interviews Nicholas Skytland and Ali Llewellyn, Authors of What Comes Next?

Relevant Magazine featured a written interview with Nicholas Skytland and Ali Llewellyn on “How the church can help shape the digital age.” The interview, conducted by Relevant Magazine’s executive editor, Tyler Huckabee, includes questions on the origin of Skytland and Llewellyn’s January release, What Comes Next?, the Church’s perception of the digital era, virtual church services, and more. As Tyler summarizes, “to [Nick and Ali’s] thinking, the online world is a mission field and Christians need to start getting revolutionary in how they think about what it means to live Christian-ly in the digital age.”

What Comes Next? helps readers begin to do exactly that by discussing how technology can be used to accomplish the mission of the Church beyond simply building better church websites and navigating social media. Technology, they argue, isn’t all good or all bad, but can be used as a tool to help people connect and grow in their faith, especially those from younger generations.