Summoned • Megan B. Brown

Answering a Call to the Impossible: An 8-Week Study of Esther

May 2021 • Paperback • 978-0-8024-2169-2

Encounter the fullness of God’s grace, the power of His promises, and the beauty of His faithfulness—all through the life of one woman: Esther.

In a time when the world around her seemed to crumble, a young Hebrew girl found herself in a unique position to help save her people—and to encounter the greatness of our ever-faithful God. In Summoned, you’ll enter the story of Esther—her calling, pain, and role in God’s ultimate plan for salvation—and see how God is always working in the lives of His people, even when He seems distant. Through this 8-week, interactive study, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation for God’s Word and begin to see that stepping out in faith for His glory is often the first step to encountering His redeeming love.


MEGAN B. BROWN is a seasoned military spouse, mother, Bible teacher, and military missionary with Cru Military. She is passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus to the active duty military community in hopes of kickstarting restoration and revival. A graduate of Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Ministry Leadership, Megan lives in south Mississippi with her husband, MSgt Keith Brown, U. S. Air Force, and their four energetic children.


The longer I search through the book of Esther, the more I find a recurring truth, a difficult truth that makes its way to the front of my mind. Everything that happens in this life is either willed or allowed by God. All things, both the good and bad, the hard and the easy, and the life-giving and the tragic are used by God.

Have you grappled with this truth?

Let me be clear, God did not orchestrate Esther’s rape, nor the systematic abuse of all of the other women in this story, for His glory.

There is another story in the Old Testament that teaches us how God deals with the darkness of this world. In the book of Genesis, Joseph, a most beloved child of Rachel and Jacob, was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. He was carried away to Egypt and was accused of violating his master’s wife, though he never touched her and, in fact, rebuffed her advances toward him. Then he was thrown into prison and left to rot for years. After a series of events, Joseph was freed from prison and raised to a high position of power. He was given the tools by God to save many, including his brothers.

If you have headings listed in your Bible translation, something like “God’s Good Purpose” might be fixed just above this passage of Scripture. The message here is this: God can and will use anything to accomplish His purposes, even the broken things of this world like sexual sin and slavery.

Here is the truth we can rest in: God might not always prevent pain, but the glorious truth is that He always redeems it when we give it to Him. We can bring our hurts and pains to Him. We can ask Him to redeem them, to help us deal with the fallout of the things that have happened to us.

I once heard pastor and author Bruce Martin say something that has always stayed with me. It went something like this: “Our greatest point of pain is usually tied to our greatest purpose.” What would it look like if we took our aches and pains to the cross and submitted them to the authority of heaven? Who could we reach with the gospel we might not have thought of? Where could we go, as an ambassador for the cause of Christ, that others without our struggle could not?

Where are some of the places you could go for Christ that others can’t?

Who are some of the people you think God might be calling you to reach, through your own unique points of pain?

Dearest, friend, regardless of whatever your challenges are in this life, of whatever scars – visible or invisible – you carry; despite whomever or whatever has caused you the deepest pain, you can rest in this: God has always been with you and He is with you today. If you find yourself in the pit of despair or depression because of hard things, know you are the most seen and the most beloved.


I’ve read the story of Esther countless times and conducted just as many studies of this book. Summoned was a refreshing new take with its depth and wit. I laughed. I marveled. Megan doesn’t shy away from hard topics, but she does so with simplicity, clarity, cultural insight, and biblical truth.
– Michelle Ami Reyes
Vice President of the Asian American Christian Collaborative, Co-Executive Director of Pax, and author of Becoming All Things

Megan Brown is a woman on a mission to build the kingdom of God. Her contagious enthusiasm for God’s Word has personally challenged me to dig deeper into the treasures of Scripture and now she invites you to do the same. Within the pages of Summoned is an invaluable gift—the opportunity to dive into the Word alongside this woman of God and be inspired by her passion for Christ and dedication to truth. Let her passion become yours as you journey together through the story of Esther and uncover new truths about a woman in Scripture both broken and bold and about the God who redeems all our brokenness for His glory.
– Sara Barratt
Author of Love Riot: A Teenage Call to Live with Relentless Abandon for Christ

Are you a woman who is seeking to fulfill her purpose for life and kingdom work? Then Megan Brown’s new Bible study, Summoned, is a perfect beckoning to a life of radical adventure alongside the King of Kings! I love to dig deep into God’s Word, mining the original biblical language for nuance and strength. Make no mistake about it, this is not your typical exploration of Queen Esther’s story, but a radical call for women to arise and conquer, all in God’s name and for His glory. Brown has done the work and invited us to join her in the battle—all you have to do is respond to the summons to be a world changer, armed with truth and power.
– Lucinda Secrest McDowell
Award-winning author of Soul Strong and Life-Giving Choices