Wonderfully Made • Allie Marie Smith

Discover the Identity, Love, and Worth You Were Created For

October 2021 • Paperback • 978-0-8024-2436-5

Finding your true value and purpose begins with a simple but profound truth: you have been wonderfully made.

Do you ever question your worth or wonder what on earth you’re here for? The everyday pressures and struggles young women face and the feeling of not measuring up can be overwhelming.

You might be left wondering: Is this all there is? A constant striving for self-acceptance and human approval?

Or are you made for something more?

Allie Marie Smith has walked the familiar road of self-doubt and depression. Like a companion on the journey, she wants you to join her in discovering a better life—the life you’ve been made for.

God planned your days before you were born and He longs for you to discover the life He created you to live—here on earth and in eternity. This abundant life comes from knowing you are:

  • Made for relationship with God
  • Made to be loved
  • Made to know your true identity
  • Made to overcome
  • Made to live free
  • And so much more

Wonderfully Made is designed to be read in 30 short chapters that help you discover your true purpose and significance.

Don’t believe the lie that you are defined by your struggles or that your worth comes from your achievements or looks. Your identity comes from God. No matter what the other voices might say, God declares that you are lovingly and wonderfully made and His eternal plan for you is good.


Allie Marie Smith is the Founder and Director of Wonderfully Made, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping teen girls and young women know their true value. She is an award-winning author, speaker, podcast host, and certified life coach. She lives in North Santa Barbara County where she loves surfing and adventuring up and down the California coast with her husband, Paul, and Golden Retriever Gidget.


Knowing the truth about who you are, why you are here, and what you’ve been made for is the key for living a wholehearted life of freedom and purpose. It is the doorway through which you can heal from your deepest hurts and live into your full potential. When you recognize the source of your worth and identity, it changes everything and brings joy and purpose to your steps.

My journey toward discovering these truths has felt like a joyride through emerald forests and an unwanted detour through endless stretches of scorching desert…with a few flat tires along the way. I am still traveling through life alongside you, soaking in the splendor of it all, while unearthing the courage to face the hard parts I’d like to bypass. Each leg of my journey has made up the story of my life.

I got my first flat tire when I was eighteen driving alone to San Francisco in my blue Ford Explorer. Just weeks earlier, I had graced the stage at my high school graduation wearing my royal blue cap and gown with a smile stretched across my freckled face. I was a girl who was working overtime to keep up. A good girl from a good home, I excelled in school and soccer and was a part of the popular crowd at my all-girls school.

With an acceptance from a top university waiting for me, it looked on the outside like I had it all together; but on the inside, I was coming apart. The sadness I had been keeping at bay since I was a twelve-year-old girl overtook me, and because of many complexities, I found myself in a dark clinical depression, unable to sleep, eat, or talk. My body was alive, but there was no life within me. My parents admitted me to the psychiatric hospital where I was put on antidepressants and sent home three days later.

On an overcast day that June, still gravely depressed, I grabbed my car keys, hopped in my Explorer, and took off with one destination in mind: the Golden Gate Bridge. Weaving through traffic and up winding city side streets, I felt numb and my mind raced as my golden-brown hair danced wildly in the wind. Suddenly, it appeared in the distance. The massive rusty, orange structure stretched across the skyline. I came with the intention to end my life by jumping off of it.

I was so sick I believed the lie that the world was better off without me in it. This was the only way I thought I could escape the pain. As I recklessly turned a corner, I heard a sudden, loud thump. I stopped the car to discover a flat tire. Paralyzed, I sat in my car unsure what to do. There was a knock on my window. A silver-haired man with a warm smile asked if he could help. I nodded my head yes, and he called for roadside assistance.

For several minutes, I engaged in a real conversation with that kind-hearted man. He had no idea where I was headed or what my intention was. After weeks of not talking, I felt less alone because of my conversation with him. It gave me hope that maybe I would be okay. After my tire was fixed, I turned around and headed home to my family.

During my second hospitalization that fall, after trying to start college on the East Coast, I began to read the Bible. One day I stumbled across Psalm 139 in which David, the psalmist, writes, “I praise you [God] because I am fearfully [lovingly] and wonderfully made.” These words became an anthem over my life pointing me to the source of my true value after depression told me I was not worthy of living.

My struggle with depression at the age of eighteen and again at twenty-one was excruciating. Though my life isn’t perfect and I’ve had setbacks, I am now thriving, free from depression even through I live with a mental health condition.

I see my struggles as one of the greatest gifts in my life. They led me to a personal relationship with God, my source of life and hope. I am not ashamed of my past because I know my trials don’t define me, but God’s love for me does. Through my faith, professional help, and the support of my family, God has picked up the pieces of my life. He has mended them into something beautiful. God has given me a life more whole and purposeful than I ever could have imagined. I believe He can do this for you too.


Allie Marie Smith’s story is relatable, honest, messy, and filled with hope. She is a woman who has discovered the life-altering truth of who she is to Christ and in Christ. I’m so glad she has written this book to help other young women discover the beauty of this reality as well.
– Stasi Eldredge
New York Times bestselling coauthor of Captivating: Unveiling the Mysteries of a Woman’s Soul

Our young women need leaders who love God, love grace, and are passionate about the identities that are ours for the taking. As a mom, as a woman, as an author, and as a fan of this next generation—I’m so grateful for Allie Marie Smith and this book. We need it! Our girls need it! I highly recommend picking it up for a gal in your life.
– Jess Connolly
Author of You Are the Girl for the Job and Breaking Free from Body Shame

Such a timely message! If you’ve ever struggled with insecurity or wished you could change parts of your story, Allie’s words are for you. She’s a wholehearted encourager, insightful guide, and an honest voice of hope that will lead you into true confidence and more of God’s best for your life.
Holley Gerth
Bestselling author of The Powerful Purpose of Introverts and life coach